April 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Freedom

April – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Freedom

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We all need to be free and stay free from the traps of our past. But gaining freedom once is not enough. If we’re not careful we can fall back into the same patterns and cycles that once held us. How free are we?
How truly free are we? Are there areas that we’ve accepted as “that’s just the way we are” while God calls them a sin? Are there mindset and ways of thinking that need to be surrendered? How can we get completely free? Let’s talk about it.

1. The Standard

Deuteronomy 6 says; “And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.” It is impossible to do that if our hearts, souls and strength is divided between His ways and our ways. To love the Lord with your all you must give him your all. Click To Tweet

Don't be fooled, any area that is unsubmitted to the Lord does not love the Lord Click To Tweet

The standard we’re called to live by is love. The two warring armies against that standard are Inequities and Inner Vows.

2. Inequities

An Inequity is something that we picked up an tendency towards from our parents or someone in authority over our lives. I’ve never meet anyone who didn’t have an Inequity operating in their lives.

Some examples of Inequities are:

Reckless Anger – Chauvinist – Sexism – Physical Abuse – Verbal Abuse – Immortality – Pride – Dishonesty – Perfectionism – Materialism – Greed

These are things we saw or picked up from our parents that we now have tendencies toward.

To determine in you have them just ask yourself as few questions:
“Were the things you were exposed to growing up biblically sound and morally correct?”
“Did you grow up in a Godly family?”
“What were the attitudes toward submission towards God and the Bible?”


And now, do you practice some of the same things you saw and didn’t agree with? That’s an inequity.

The good news is we can be free.

3. Inner Vows

Inner Vows are are self-directed promises resulting from an unpleasant experience or hurt from a parent or someone else. We use them to comfort us but they are unscriptural and deny the Lordship of Jesus over our lives.

Some examples of Inner Vows are:

“I’ll never treat my children life that.”
“I’ll never be poor again.”
“No one will ever hurt me again.”

When we make a vow to comfort ourselves we deny Jesus access to that area of our lives, making it impossible to love Him with our all.

But like Inequities, Inner Vows can be broken and we can be free.


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