Interview: Josh Mayo on Inspiring People

Interview with Josh Mayo on Inspiring People

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We spend a lot of time talking about getting a vision and God direction for our ministries. What then? What happens when we have developed a vision for the future but now need people to help support the vision? We are the carriers of the vision but how do we spread it to others? How do you get people on board to support the vision? Let’s talk about it.

1. Investment.

He who spends the most time - wins. Share on X The leader must invest into the people of their team. People can be looking for the “ah ha” when we reach out to them. People expect the “ask” so we need to shift to the “investment.” It’s more than the “What’s going on in your life” but it’s the follow up with them later that makes the different. Make sure those who follow you know that you want something FOR them not just something FROM them. It’s a lunch, a phone call, whatever shows

2. Gratitude.

Church volunteers are dying from a lack of gratitude. Share on X We’ve lose the ministry of encouragement in the church. Don’t just tell people they’re doing a great job but tell them specifically what they’re doing that’s great. Be willing to share stories about your team to others. It’s not about being fake but genuine gratitude. Gratitude is oxygen to teams. A struggling team is not always a leadership issue but often a lack of gratitude and appreciation for those who serve.


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