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May – 2019 Monthly Leadership Session with Kadi Cole Part 2

May – 2019 Monthly Leadership Session with Kadi Cole Part 2 Kadi Cole has over 25 years of experience in high level leadership and organizational development. In her latest book, Developing Female Leaders, she speaks with us on what it takes and why now is the time to intentionally develop the female leaders around you. […]

Avery Nesbitt

March – 2019 Monthly Leadership Session with Dr Kim Hires

March – 2019 Monthly Leadership Session with Dr. Kim Kimberly A. Hires, PhD, RN, Founder & CEO of The Nightingale Firm, certified coach and professional speaker simply goes by Dr. Kim. A sought after thought leader in her field, Dr. Kim was recently recognized by the People You Need To Know Magazine (Atlanta Edition) as […]

Avery Nesbitt

Interview: Dr. Tina Woodard on The Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make

Interview with Dr. Tina Woodard on the Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make Leaders are called to take charge, assess the situation and make the right decisions. But what happens when we miss it? What happens when the leader blows it. Every leader makes mistakes but the best leaders learn from the mistakes of others and avoids […]

Avery Nesbitt

When Work Isn’t Working

We’ve all had bad days but what happens when bad days turn into bad weeks, that turn into bad months that turn into you having “the talk” with your boss? What happens when you’re doing everything you know to do but it’s not producing the results you’ve gotten in the past? What happens when your […]

Avery Nesbitt
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