Interview: Dr. Tina Woodard on The Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make

Interview with Dr. Tina Woodard on the Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make

Leaders are called to take charge, assess the situation and make the right decisions. But what happens when we miss it? What happens when the leader blows it. Every leader makes mistakes but the best leaders learn from the mistakes of others and avoids them. What are the biggest mistakes we make and what can we do about them? Let’s talk about it.

Guest: Dr. Tina Woodard, Ed.D., PHR

Dr. Woodard is a recognized thought leader with more than 20 years of career experience in leadership, organizational development, talent management, and quality engineering.

Capstone Performance Solutions CEO & Founder
I Am B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Co-Founder
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3 Things From This Episode

1. Communication

Leaders must communicate in a way that everyone understands the strategy and their role in it. Over 70% of employees are disengaged and don’t contribute towards the common strategy. If Vision is where we’re going, Strategy is how we’re getting there.

Leaders have to connect the dots of Vision back to the Strategy for their teams. Fully engaged teams will enact your strategy to the degree they understand it.

Leaders must communicate so everyone understands the strategy & their role in it. @tcwoodard Click To Tweet

What you communicate is what you reinforce. Communication creates culture. @tcwoodard Click To Tweet

If leaders don’t help their teams achieve the action steps towards the Vision, they will never reach it. What you communicate is what you reinforce. Communication creates culture.

2. Self Awareness

Many leaders aren’t aware of how their behaviors are affecting those around them. Leaders have a tremendous impact on the productivity, enthusiasm and effort their teams produce.

Continuous improvement, reaching out to customer/clients, going the extra mile- are all byproducts of positive leadership engagement. Leaders have blind spots and so do organizations.

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3. Accessibility

Management by walking around still works. Leaders who fail to understand the challenges of their teams, lose credibility and trust.

Leaders who don't understand their teams challenges lose credibility & trust. @tcwoodard Click To Tweet

Being a living example of what you’ve communicated is critical. Our teams need to see what we believe, what is important to us, before we even open our mouths.


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