Interview: Michael Buckingham on The #1 Thing That Kills Creativity

Interview with Michael Buckingham on The Number 1 Thing That Kills Creativity

It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a “creative” person or not we all have the creativity of the creator inside of us. Your unique brand of problem solving and leadership isn’t just “how you do things” but how you’re wired to succeed. Leaders don’t just accept things as they are; they change them to accomplish the task at hand. What limits, what stops, what kills the creativity in us? Let’s talk about it.

Guest: Michael Buckingham

Michael Buckingham is the Experience Pastor of Victory World Church and lives just outside Atlanta, GA with his family. He is a prolific blogger, designer and founder of Holy Cow Creative where he helped reignite the conversation on merging creativity and church.

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3 Things From This Episode

1. Leading Creatives

We’re all creative. We’ve all been made to take in creation. While some are more equipped to express their creativity than others we all have a part to play. When leading, when working side-by-side with creatives on our teams there are 2 things that really help them thrive:

Don’t Treat Them Like the Weird One
They are the envelope pushers, they are the “What if we did this or that” people that we need on our teams.

Let Them Explore
As the leader it may be uncomfortable but allow them to explore, to brainstorm other options or processes to make the team better.

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2. The Creative Impact

When someone with a creative gift joins our team the leader has an amazing opportunity to harness that gift for the kingdom. We must recognize the creative impact and never count them out.

Many creatives have strong strategic skills that fuel their creativity. It’s up to the leader to invite their input, allow them to speak into situations from their perspective and speak value into their contribution. Creative’s often feel like the outsider. It’s our job to make sure they feel welcomed and a part of the team.

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3. Creativity in the Church

Creativity is about more than bells and whistles. The Church, once the center of creativity and art, begin to push them outside. The modern church begin to re-introduce creative aspects and different perspectives as a painting on the wall but today we realize it so much more than that. Creativity, what you bring, is a part of the fabric of church. We all respond to creativity and have to recognize the value and impact it brings to the church.

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