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July – 2020 Monthly Leadership Session with Jennifer MacLean

July – 2020 Monthly Leadership Session with Jennifer MacLean Jennifer MacLean is the Social Media Consulting Practice Manager at one of the worlds largest Fortune 100 companies. With over 13 years in innovative brand management and social media strategy she combines the focus and determination of marketplace leadership with the creative and powerful innovation of […]

Avery Nesbitt

Interview: Michael Buckingham on The #1 Thing That Kills Creativity

Interview with Michael Buckingham on The Number 1 Thing That Kills Creativity It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a “creative” person or not we all have the creativity of the creator inside of us. Your unique brand of problem solving and leadership isn’t just “how you do things” but how you’re wired to succeed. Leaders […]

Avery Nesbitt

June – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – What’s Holding You Back

June – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – What’s Holding You Back What’s holding you back from being the person God has created and called you to be? How do you release the potential in your life? Everyone has more in them. What would happened if you let go of the fear and reached forward to what the Lord has […]

Avery Nesbitt
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