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August – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session: 4 Ways to be a Better ____ (fill in the blank)

August – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – 4 Ways to be a Better ____ (fill in the blank) Everyone wants to be better at what they do. Whether you’re called to be a leader, a cook, a teacher or a foster parent, we can all make the most of who we are and grow into who we […]

Avery Nesbitt

July – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Freedom & Leadership

July – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Freedom & Leadership As we approach the 4th of July many will think about the freedoms and rights we have as a nation. But what happens when we go higher in leadership? Do we still have the same freedoms, do we still have the same rights? What is the purpose of our […]

Avery Nesbitt

June – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – What’s Holding You Back

June – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – What’s Holding You Back What’s holding you back from being the person God has created and called you to be? How do you release the potential in your life? Everyone has more in them. What would happened if you let go of the fear and reached forward to what the Lord has […]

Avery Nesbitt

May – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Rest

May – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Rest Do you rest? Do you rest in the Lord? You can be free and still be restless. You can be free in Christ but never receive the rest that is promised you. The world tries to find rest everywhere it can but true rest is only found in one who created […]

Avery Nesbitt

April 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Freedom

April – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Freedom 3 Highlights From This Episode We all need to be free and stay free from the traps of our past. But gaining freedom once is not enough. If we’re not careful we can fall back into the same patterns and cycles that once held us. How free are we? How truly free […]

Avery Nesbitt

March 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Easter

March – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Easter 2 Highlights From This Episode Easter is coming! Easter is coming! Each year churches all across America pull out all the stops for Easter; the lights, the music, the extra services. It’s been called “Super Bowl for churches.” But, why? Why do we make such a big deal about […]

Avery Nesbitt

2017 February Monthly Leadership Session – How To Grow As A Leader

What are you doing to grow yourself as a leader?
Check out this month’s leadership session to find out the 4 steps you can start today.

Avery Nesbitt

January 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Passion

Leaders must maintain their passion.
Check out this month’s leadership session to find out how.

Avery Nesbitt
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