March 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Easter

March – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Easter

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Easter is coming! Easter is coming!
Each year churches all across America pull out all the stops for Easter; the lights, the music, the extra services. It’s been called “Super Bowl for churches.” But, why? Why do we make such a big deal about Easter? How can you lead your departments to go the extra mile over Easter weekend? What is the vision behind what we do for Easter? Let’s talk about it.

1. We’re All About the Numbers.

We’re all about the numbers. A 2012 study asked over 1,000 churches what their highest attended services were. 93% picked Easter, followed by Christmas, with 84%, and Mother’s Day, with 59%. At Victory we are unashamedly about the numbers. *Gasp Why? Because each number is a person who Jesus loves and died for. We are all about the numbers because Jesus is all about the numbers. Every.Single.Person. If 93% of churches reported Easter as their highest attended service – more of the people that Jesus died for came than on any other day – we would be foolish to irresponsible not to do whatever it takes to present the Story of Jesus in a way they can understand and relate to.

2. Know & Communicate.

To effectively communicate the importance of Easter we have to both know the why and be able to communicate it to those we lead. As we make the schedules and talk to our teams let’s focus on more than the slots we need filled but share our own excitement for the weekend ahead. Share your burden to see the lost saved and the part you get to play in their story. Click To Tweet


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