2017 February Monthly Leadership Session – How To Grow As A Leader

2017 February Monthly Leadership Session – How To Grow As A Leader

3 Things From This Episode

How do you grow? How do you grow as a leader? How do you grow as a leader in Christ? In today’s world there are countless ways to grow yourself as a leader. The biggest obstacle isn’t what to do but where to start. This month we dive into what it takes to grow yourself as a leader and a follow of Jesus. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s talk about it.

1. Invest in yourself

Between podcast, books (the ones you read and the ones that read to you), blogs, and online sermons there are endless resources to build you up as a leader. Some are 1 hour, some are 15 minutes, some require your dedicated attention while others just go where you go. Not having a source of growth is a choice. Not being teachable is a choice. Click To Tweet

2. Look for Feedback

The best leaders are the ones who are never satisfied with only their perspective of how they’re doing. Growing yourself means realizing that there is room for growth. This is the difference in working “in the ministry” and working “on the ministry.” When you seek feedback about the how, when, where and what of your role you move from scheduling and maintaining (working in the ministry) to improving and becoming better at what you’re called to do (working on the ministry). The best leaders ask questions and look for ways to improve. Click To Tweet

3. Pour Yourself Out

Real leaders know it’s not about them but those they get to lead. Growth is never more accelerated than when you have to teach and invest in others. Click To Tweet When you pour your life into others it reinforces what you know and reignites why you know it. Investing your time, talents and energy into others allows you to refuel yourself while spreading the passion inside of you. It’s a win – win for the kingdom and the heart of Jesus.




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