Side By Side with Sean Hill on Influencing Culture

Side By Side with Sean Hill on Influencing Culture

Whether you’re a creative or not we all must manage the tension of influencing culture or being influenced by culture. How do you make sure you’re being the influencer? How close do you have to get to the culture to be able to impact it? How relevant do you have to be before you just look like everyone else? Let’s talk about it.

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Sean Hill stepped into music production in 2011. By 2015 he’d produced Jamie Grace’s single “Born Tonight” (Top 25 Billboard’s AC Christian Music charts) and Brad Guldemond’s “Let It Out (4 nominations from Covenant Awards and winner of Children’s Album of the Year.) As founder of UpHill Studios he continues to redefine the limits of tomorrow’s music.

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2 Things From This Episode

1.  Staying Fresh

Your creativity has to stay fresh, pure and close enough to the culture to know what is being accepted. Keeping God first in our creativity means you’re the influencer, not culture. The Bible starts with “In the beginning God created….” He didn’t create from something, but rather He created something from nothing. Bringing God’s creative power into your creative process keeps it pure.

Keeping God first in our creativity means you're the influencer, not culture. @SeanPaulHill Share on X

Bringing God's creative power into your creative process keeps it pure. @SeanPaulHill Share on X

2. Increasing Your Creativity

We all have caps and limits on our creativity so we must rely on God to be truly creative. God will give you creativity that’s not for now but the future. If an idea seems crazy that might be because it’s God-born. To raise your creative lid collaborate more. When you involve other people and collaborate you benefit from the collective creative powers. Creativity is born in community.

To raise your creative lid collaborate more. @SeanPaulHill Share on X

Creativity is born in community. @SeanPaulHill Share on X


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