Side By Side with Aaron Born on Authenticity

Side By Side with Aaron Born on Leading with Authenticity 

What does it mean to lead with authenticity? What does it mean to be an authentic leader? Leaders should be known as genuine and real. Why is that so rare? What does it take to get pass the filler and fakeness that has become so common, even in the church? Let’s talk about it.

3 Things From This Episode

1. It’s about being real.

Today people are looking for something real. We waste so much energy and time going around and around in conversations that when you begin to speak with authenticity, sharing what you’re actually feeling, it draws people to you. When you speak from your heart people begin to open up because they’re hearing something from you that they don’t hear from many others. When people know where they stand with you it allows for trust to build in the relationship.

When you speak with authenticity it draws people to you. @born_aaron Share on X

When people know where they stand with you it builds trust in the relationship. @born_aaron Share on X

2. Authentic vs rude.

There’s a line between being authentic and being rude. Tell the truth but it must be done in love. Just because you’re authentic doesn’t mean you stop caring and having compassion for other people. Some work on being open and honest while others work on how their words will be received. We must speak the truth in love.

3. Makes you worth following

People are looking for a leader they can trust; a leader with integrity and worth following. When you engage with someone with honesty and authenticity there’s a connection that happens that makes people want to follow you. We all want to know and been known. It’s our job as leaders to remove barriers that block that connection.

We all want to know & been known. Authentic leaders make that happen. @born_aaron Share on X


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