Interview: Tad Savoy on What the Church Needs From Its Leaders Right Now

Interview with Tad Savoy on What the Church Needs From Its Leaders Right Now

Bill Hybels famously said , “The local church is the hope of the world.” If that is true then we ought to do whatever is needed to help the church complete its mission. Jesus calls the church His bride and he will take care of her. It’s our job to love His bride the way He loves her. To do that the leaders in His church have to begin to prepare her. What do we need to do? What is most important right now?  Let’s talk about it.

Guest: Tad Savoy

Tad Savoy is the Small Groups Pastor of Victory World Church.  With over 26 years of ministry experience, Tad possess a depth of knowledge and deep love for the church.

3 Things From This Episode

1. Passion for the church

We need to be passionate for the church as a whole.” It’s not about our church, or this church but the body of Christ around the world. We are one part of the larger body that works together. When we work together the body grows.

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2. Purity

Leaders need to be people of purity. We need to remove the guile. We need to be pure. It’s more than not watching things we shouldn’t watch or not doing something bad but having a love for the Lord and a love for His word. Too many times leaders say things they shouldn’t say and it reveals what’s going on in their hearts.

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3. Discipleship vs. Leadership

Both Pastors and leaders have areas that they are trying to work on and grow but we can falsely focus on leadership over discipleship. Jesus told us to go an make Disciples, not leaders.Discipleship trumps Leadership. Just because you made a good leadership decision doesn’t mean you made a good discipleship decision. Discipleship has an intentionality to it outside of the task. Leadership can point you in the right direction but discipleship walks with you down the road.

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