March – 2020 Monthly Leadership Session with Dr. Geary Bush

March – 2020 Monthly Leadership Session with Dr. Geary Bush Dr. Geary Bush is a General Surgeon at The Longstreet Clinic in Gainesville, GA. A graduate of the University of GA and Mercer University School of Medicine; Geary has dedicated his life to the health and wellbeing of his patients. Dr. Bush speaks on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and it’s impact for medical professionals and leaders alike. What is happening in hospitals and doctor’s offices across America? How should leaders respond in times like this? Let’s talk about it.

Highlight From This Episode

1. Be Prepared.

As a leader in a time of crisis you must prepare yourself both mentally and spiritually. Leaders can’t panic and must press on, step by step. To engage those around you, see who has a need or can meet a need. What you’ll find is there are a lot more people willing to meet a need than you first thought. People often need someone, a leader, to start the call for them to follow.


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