August – 2020 Monthly Leadership Session with Roz Lindsay

August – 2020 Monthly Leadership Session with Roz Lindsay

Roz Lindsay has extensive business experience over countless industries that she applies to every client. From podcast to coaching, Roz has helped leaders all over the world to achieve the breakthrough and leadership performance they had within them all along. We all know that leaders are often looked to in crisis to lead like never before. In a crisis, what are the fundamental needs every leader needs to know? Let’s talk about it.

Highlight From This Episode

1. Consider the Emotion, Tap into Logic.
The human brain scans our environment, looking for things that can hurt us. During times of crisis, the brain will detect a threat and send us into an instinctive response to protect ourselves. The problem is, in this high protective mode, we are not able to engage with the logical side of our brains.

Create – Create a psychologically safe environment to help our teams process through their emotions.

Communicate – Communicate effectively so our teams can actually hear what we’re saying as we bring calm leadership. 

Connect – Connect our teams to their logical brain as you move through the crisis together.

In a crisis we go into protective mode and either Fight, Flight or Freeze. Leaders must help their teams process through the emotion & move to logical action. - Roz Lindsay Share on X



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