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April- 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – Maybe You’re Not As Good As You Thought You Were

April – 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – Maybe You’re Not As Good As You Thought You Were. What happens when you think you’re further along than you really are? In this 2 part mini-series we’ll consider the “Maybe”. This month – Maybe you’re not as good a leader as you thought you were. What then? What now? Let’s talk […]

Avery Nesbitt

March- 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – The One Place Everyone Needs to Stay

March – 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – The One Place Everyone Needs to Stay There are so many places to go and so many things to see. As a leader we can go and be anyone. Where can we go, what can be obtain to help us be the person we’re created to be? Where’s the […]

Avery Nesbitt

February- 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – What Happens When You’ve Lost Respect For Your Leaders

February – 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – What Happens When You’ve Lost Respect For Your Leaders It’s an all too common yet terrible place to be. You’re working and suddenly something happens that starts to erode the trust between you and your managers, your leaders. Without a foundation of trust it’s impossible to plan and achieve […]

Avery Nesbitt

January- 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – How to Build A Healthy Culture

January – 2018 Monthly Leadership Session – How to Build A Healthy Culture It’s the beginning of the year and there are so many things we could talk about. But when it all boils down, there are a few fundamental elements that all great leaders share. There are a few basic abilities found in every effective […]


4 Fears Every Leader Must Overcome

Leadership can be many things; rewarding, encouraging and motivating but often overlooked is the fear. Leading others can be, in a word, terrifying. The decisions, the speed, the projects, the people. It can all quickly turn from fascinating to fearful. Like any skill, mastering effective leadership means we must overcome the fears and obstacles that […]

Avery Nesbitt

5 Ways to Build A Winning Team

Some teams are good but some teams are great. Some teams work hard to get the job done and some win with a mesmerizing ease. What’s the difference in a group of people and a winning team? How do we get on one – better yet – how do we build one? What tools do […]

Avery Nesbitt

4 Signs of Cowardly Leadership

In a world that’s become increasingly more complex, divided and fragile many leaders today fail to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. While today’s businesses and churches are lead by some of the most dynamic and courageous leaders the world has ever seen, many of the courageous among […]

Avery Nesbitt

Knowing You… Part 2

In the previous post we talked about why the best leaders know the most about themselves & the powerful benefits of becoming a Student of Yourself.  If you missed it, hop over now and join the conversation. The best leaders know themselves and respond before their emotions can react. They discover the subtle but significant differences […]

Avery Nesbitt

Knowing You…

The best leaders know the most – about themselves. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a full understanding of who you are, learning about you. What motivates you? What demotivates you? What makes you tick? Think of you as a lifelong friend, coworker, team member, direct report, and boss. There is […]

Avery Nesbitt

When Work Isn’t Working

We’ve all had bad days but what happens when bad days turn into bad weeks, that turn into bad months that turn into you having “the talk” with your boss? What happens when you’re doing everything you know to do but it’s not producing the results you’ve gotten in the past? What happens when your […]

Avery Nesbitt

In Laymen’s Terms

The phrase “In Laymen’s Terms” is synonymous with the simple, clean cut version of something – but where did it come from? The word layman means “secular man” and dates back to the 15 century. A layman is a someone who does not work for the church but leads alongside the ordained clergy. Many, along with 99% of the […]

Avery Nesbitt

What Is That?!

The other day I saw a guy with a massive scar on his arm. My first thought was, whatever he did, he hurt himself really bad. He probably shouldn’t of done that and he wouldn’t have such a nasty scar. It probably came from some bad decision he made. Right then the Holy Spirit asked […]

Avery Nesbitt

The One Quality Every Leader Must Have

Being a Leader requires a lot. You have to be Intentional, Engaging, Encouraging, Administrative, Inspiring, Practical and on and on. Entrepreneur.com posted a article entitled “22 Qualities That Make a Great Leader.” Great article but WOW – that’s a lot of qualities. When I look around influential organizations, especially the church, I see all kinds of […]

Avery Nesbitt

How to Keep Great Volunteers Engaged

We’ve all been there. 10 new volunteers sign-up 🙂 – 5 volunteers show-up – 😐 2 volunteers stick it out.😶 What’s the deal? What can we do to move more people from Sign-Up to Show-Up and more importantly how do we get the ones who show-up to stick it out? Any organization, especially churches, understand the power of the […]

Avery Nesbitt

How Healthy Are You?

So you want to be a leader? That’s easy. Oh, you want to be good leader? Well, that’s something else. The difference in being a leader and a good leader (even a great one) is answered in one question; How Healthy Are You? Healthy Leaders all have a few basic traits in common: 1. They have a […]

Avery Nesbitt
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