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The One Quality Every Leader Must Have

Leaders and secrets don't mix.

Whether you stay or go needs to depend on what you hear on your knees in prayer not from your circumstances.

The One Quality Every Leader Must Have


How Healthy Are You?

"Leaders understand that they don’t have a job to do but a team to build."

"Healthy boundaries keep your heart intact for the Lord to refill. Broken boundaries drain you out till there’s nothing left."

How Healthy Are You?

How To Grow As A Leader

"When you don't invest into yourself you're saying it's someone else's job to feed me and I'm going to sit here until they do."

"Giving your life to others is fuel to a leader."

2017 February Monthly Leadership Session – How To Grow As A Leader



Passionate people are contagious.

When your dreams stop - so does your passion.

January 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – Passion

January Guest Experience Conference Call

"We can get so wrapped up in our role that we neglect God."
"If you don't have the right to say "No" then you don't have the right to say "Yes."

January 2017 Guest Experience Conference Call

Interview with Ryan Dunlap on Leading Through Adversity

When faced with problems we tend to focus on hypotheticals and things that never happen which lead to the big F word; Fear.

You don't know what your adversity is going to be but know that you have been equipped by God to handle whatever is in your way.

Interview: Ryan Dunlap on Leading Through Adversity

How To Keep Great Volunteers Engaged

"From a personal note, a thank you card, or acknowledgment in front of the team; great leaders find meaningful ways to add value to each volunteer."

"Volunteers who are encouraged to invite others will be your best recruiters."

How to Keep Great Volunteers Engaged


Interview with Cyndi Amaya on Leading Over the Long Haul

The two biggest enemies of longevity are lack of boundaries and the presence of bitterness.

We must ask ourselves, “Is it God’s ministry or is it our ministry?”

Interview: Cyndi Amaya On Leading Over The Long Haul


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