Interview: Ben Lane on Overcoming Perfectionism

Interview with Ben Lane on Overcoming Perfectionism If you can lead here you can lead anywhere. Turns out it’s really true. The best leaders are able to reach their goals and help those around them, no matter where they are. From different roles to different organizations we can be influencers wherever we are. What does it take? […]

Avery Nesbitt

December – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – 4 Things I Learned Starting Something New

December – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – 4 Things I Learned Starting Something New Ever start something but have no idea what you’re doing? Ever take a big leap of faith and wonder if you jumped in the right direction? We all have in some way or another. What are the universal principles we all experience when […]


Interview: Tony Erwin on What The Church Can Learn from the Marketplace

Interview with Tony Erwin on What The Church Can Learn from the Marketplace There was a time when business leaders would seek out the church for leadership advice but nowadays we see Pastors going to business conferences. Somewhere Corporate America stole the churches mojo on leadership and leadership development. What can we learn from the best leaders and the […]

Avery Nesbitt

November – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – How To Revive Your Dreams

November – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – How To Revive Your Dreams With only 2 months left, it’s a good time to take inventory on what’s happened over the past year. What happened to the dreams, the visions, the goals that you set out to accomplish? Did you complete them? Did you start them? What do you do […]

Avery Nesbitt

Side By Side with Mandi Sjostrom on Leading

Side By Side with Mandi Sjostrom on Leading Before the Title Some of the best leaders in an organization don’t have a fancy title. They lead right from where they are and effect change throughout the entire organization. What does it take to lead before you become a leader? How do you lead from within the […]

Avery Nesbitt

4 Fears Every Leader Must Overcome

Leadership can be many things; rewarding, encouraging and motivating but often overlooked is the fear. Leading others can be, in a word, terrifying. The decisions, the speed, the projects, the people. It can all quickly turn from fascinating to fearful. Like any skill, mastering effective leadership means we must overcome the fears and obstacles that […]

Avery Nesbitt

Interview: Ryan Stigile on Common Struggles All Leaders Face

Interview with Ryan Stigile on Common Struggles All Leaders Face Leadership comes with endless challenges. One of the biggest challenges is feeling like you’re the only one working through issues. How can we avoid the “I’m the only one” trap and successfully navigate common leadership issues. What are other leaders facing that we can learn from? Let’s talk about […]

Avery Nesbitt

Side By Side with Chad Price on Inspiration

Side By Side with Chad Price on Inspiration vs. Intimidation Everyone has goals, everyone has deadlines. Some people get them done by inspiring those around them while others use brute force. There’s a way that draws people to you but few take it. Many opt for “You, do this…” instead of the “Let’s do this together…” How […]

Avery Nesbitt

October – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – How To Handle Negative Feedback

October – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – How To Handle Negative Feedback As the year winds down people tend to look back and evaluate how things are going. Organizations tend to move into annual reviews and journals, books and blogs about “Your Year In Review” are springing up everywhere. While much of the standard advice is tried and […]

Avery Nesbitt

Side By Side with Stephen Hataway on Transitions

Side By Side with Stephen Hataway on Transitions What happens when you’re asked to do something new? There’s a lot to learn about the new job and the new you. Are you ready for change? Are you ready to grow? What do you need to know about transition? Let’s talk about it.

Avery Nesbitt

Interview: Rep. Glanton and Rep. Brockway on Leading Across the Aisle

Interview with GA Rep. Glanton & GA Rep. Brockway on Leading Across the Aisle Leaders must have the skills and abilities to reach those who think like them and those from opposing perspectives. How do we lead from a place of vision when those around us may see things differently? In a divided nation how can we have a unified organization, […]

Avery Nesbitt

Interview with John Brown on How to Recover from Failure

Interview with John Brown on How to Recover from Failure There are countless books and blogs about how to succeed. We have no shortage of people ready to tell us what it takes to be the best at what we do. But what happens when we miss the mark? What happens when we don’t accomplish the […]

Avery Nesbitt

8 Things You’ll Regret Forever

As leaders at work and home we are faced with choices, decisions and options all day, everyday. Life is what happens in between decisions. We choose to go left or right, we decide to jump or step down and we opt in or out of opportunities. After we make our choices life offers very few do-over’s. […]

Avery Nesbitt

Interview: Josh Vaughan on Maintaining Your Identity

Interview with Josh Vaughan on Maintaining Your Identity Leaders give their all to what they do. They live and breathe for the passion in their souls and they inspire others to follow them. So, what happens when that role, that position, that job is gone? When the title melts away who are we? What happens […]

Avery Nesbitt

September – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – That Which Unites Us

September – 2017 Monthly Leadership Session – That Which Unites Us In his 1952 remarks after losing the Presidential election to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Adlai Stevenson gave what became known as the “granddaddy of all concession speeches.” He said, “That which unites us as American citizens is far greater than that which divides us as political parties.” […]

Avery Nesbitt
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